U3a Wroxham Chess Club

February 2017

Chess puzzle 2

The answer to the 2nd puzzle is:
1. Qe7+ Rxe7
2. N(d)f6++ The rook on d1 prevents the king moving to the d file. This puzzle is a good example of how difficult it is to defend against the knights!

The next puzzle is along similar lines: (I have tried using a different board to make layout easier to see.) The notation is: r2n1k1r/ ppp1n3/ 4QN2/ 4p1N1/ 3B4/ q7/ P4PPP/ R3R1K1
White to move and force mate in 2.

U3a Wroxham Chess puzzle 2

January 2017

The answer to the first puzzle is:

1. ……. Qxg3
2. Rxg3 Rxh3+ (If White played fxg3, then Black plays Rxh2++)
3. Kg1 Rh1++
Chess puzzle 2
White to move and win

U3A Wroxham Chess Group

For those who have learned the recording notation, this game is as follows:
4kn2/ r4p1r/ p4Q2/ q1nNPN1p/ 1p6/ 8/ PPP3P1/ 2KR3R

Chess club convenes on every other Monday morning at Sue Badger's house.  The current members, who describe themselves as "Improvers" rather than Beginners,  are receiving coaching once a month and putting it (hopefully) into practice on the other Monday.  The members have been instructed into the rules of competition chess, and are at present studying openings, notably the White openings of Giuoco Piano and its variations, as well as the Scotch, an exciting and unsettling White opening.  We have also been studying the Black's defence to these openings, and will meet the French Defence, which thwarts the Giuoco Piano straight away.
Each month the chess page will contain a new puzzle, the answer to which will be provided when the puzzle is updated.

chess puzzle 1.jpg

Here is the first:

Black to  play and win.
For more information, please contact Sue on 01603 737572.