The Christmas Party 2016

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Despite the awful weather – temperatures of sub-zero and dense fog – almost 40 people attended the Christmas Party on Tuesday 6th December.  There was a fabulous feast of rolls and sausage rolls, stollen and cakes, quiches and side salad, cheese and biscuits, nuts and nibbles and the inevitable mince pies. Table decorations by Mary, quizzes by Corrie and Sue and the Reindeer Drive which seemed to render humans into automaton dice-rollers.

The festive quiz was a fount of Christmas trivia; for example, did you know that the Beckhams were portrayed as Mary and Joseph in Madame Toussauds waxwork museum in 2004?  Well, Gloria did!  And did you know the words “the world in solemn stillness lay” came from the hymn “In The Bleak Midwinter”?  Mary thought she did, and sang the entire hymn without realising the title-line!  And Aladdin’s mother was indeed Widow Twankey, not Widow Wishee Washee, though the latter is more alliteratively pleasing.  The quiz required a range of Christmas-related facts, taken from around the world.  Many thanks to Corrie for setting this.

The second part of the quiz was a set of Christmas Dingbats.  A dingbat, amongst many other meanings, can be a word or phrase transcribed into graphic form, and the meaning has to be unravelled from this pictorial format. For example, PRES       ENTS can be interpreted as “opening presents”; and NIGMASSHT  is “midnight mass”.  It’s the sort of puzzle that is SO obvious when you know the answer!  Thanks to Sue for setting these.

See the dingbats

The winning group were Di Twitchett, Ann Nix, Maggie Richardson and  Nicole Rufford.  Both quizzes can be found below and can be copied and used to baffle and entertain your families this Christmas.

There was a change of mood for the Reindeer Drive, as quiz-collaboration gave way to an intense individual pursuit of gathering various components of a reindeer by way of matching the number of a tossed die to stated body parts; the reward for each table’s winner of a ‘bingo’ reindeer was to be ousted to another table!  Only 2 rounds were completed before a general truce was declared, and the buffet declared OPEN.  Our thanks to the committee for their work in organising the party, and to other contributors of food.  It was generally agreed that everyone enjoyed themselves.