As we all know Norfolk is a wonderful place to live.

The people, the countryside, the beaches, the rivers and broads are all there for the us to enjoy and mostly free.
We also have access to some wonderful places such as Sheringham Country Park, Felbrig and Blickling for a smallish fee and so much more!

Sometimes we do not know these places exist. We live here for years but are still finding some wonderful new places and faces.
So I thought it may be a good idea for us to contribute to a U3A Wroxham directory of things and places we find interesting. U3A members only and no paid advertisements.

If you have an interesting place or event you think others in our group may find of interest and suitable for this website, just send me an email with some details. If you have an image attach this and I can publish it on the website.

If an article or picture is deemed unsuitable it will not be published.

Send any suggestions to john @ net100.co.uk

You will notice I left spaces around the" @ "to prevent email harvesting. Copy or write the address with the spaces removed please.

Thank you.


List of places