Paul Bryant – Painting Day

On the 5th September last, thirteen U3A Wroxham members took part in a “Bob Ross” style painting day. After watching a demonstration of this method by Paul Bryant at our General meeting previously they were so impressed they could not wait to have a go themselves!

The Group was very mixed, being made up of three who had never put a brush to canvas before, several who had not painted since leaving school and others who were used to painting in water colours or at least making a drawing before starting to paint.
Paul proved to be an excellent teacher, having a laid back, do-not-rush attitude, and showing each stage of the painting. During the day, the room became full of well painted, purple glow pictures of a peaceful landscape of a winter woodland, reflected in clear water. Everyone produced a painting to be proud of, (to the amazement of some of them), and received many ‘Wows’ from friends and families, when showing them later. Everyone agreed it had been a great experience!

With this in mind, another painting day will be arranged, this time the subject will be a ‘Seascape’.
There will be a list at the General Meeting to add your name to if you would like to take part.
Open to All MEMBERS of Wroxham U3A.

  • Painting 1
  • Painting 2
  • Painting 3
  • Painting 4
  • Painting 5
  • Painting 6