U3A Wroxham and District Photographic/Camera Club 

September - October - November 2016

September’s meeting focussed on our prints of birds, which were generally successful and well received.

The images displayed below are from Tim and Sue Eyre, Sue Badger, Liz Smith and Alan Moss

In October and November the room became a studio, firstly for ‘Painting with Light’, in which all daylight and artificial light was excluded, and torch light was used; secondly as portrait lighting, with one half of the room for low key (dark setting) and the other half as high key (light setting. 

We had invited 3 U3A members to come as models, and we were extremely grateful for their patience.
The themes for display had been construction sites and street life.

The images displayed here were taken by Tim Eyre, Eileen Kennings, Elaine Mason and Sue Badger.
The theme for December’s meeting will be Bridges and some of the portraits taken in November.
Members pictures: to view click links below
St Mary's at South Creake Gate at Edgefield
Window silhouette Hemblington arched window
Peter Mancroft at night
Greyhounds Liverpool Street Station
Amsterdam Philadelphia
Market Place Philadelphia USA

Members Pictures.

The photographic group meets on the 3rd Friday of every month and a theme is set as a focus. The meetings follow a format: firstly, each member presents up to 4 prints (usually 7x5 size) of the set theme, with an explanation of location, time and camera settings. The second part of the meeting takes the form of a practical session, staying with the theme. This is the time when members can learn about aspects of photography which hitherto has been a mystery!

January’s theme was Macro, a style of intensely close-up photography, often using a dedicated macro lens, which was practised on a variety of objects, ranging from ordinary kitchen utensils to flowers. February’s theme was Winter Scenes, although given the particularly mild winter, the prints were often a few years old, especially those depicting snow! The low winter sun provided some atmospheric scenes; sunrise and sunset gave vivid colours, illuminating frosty trees, plants and roofs.

The theme for March was Spring Flowers, and our 4 new members all brought excellent examples of the genre. They ranged from landscape, with large historic houses framed with daffodils, to smaller clumps of crocus, snowdrops and narcissi, captured in gardens, verges and woodland. Alan’s print of English bluebells demonstrates how forward the appearance of some species are this year. After a general critique, we decamped to Penny’s residence, a 5 minute walk away, where we practised different techniques around her beautiful garden.

The theme for the April meeting was Beach and Sea, and an influx of members – as a result of the successful Open Day – presented plenty of images, raising much discussion about light, location and shutter speeds. It transpired that several members do not yet transfer their images to a PC or laptop, and sadly are unable, as yet, to share their images online. The new images presented here are so far all Sue’s. She has demonstrated how tone and pattern can be highlighted in monochrome; the slow shutter speed catching the waves; a shallow depth of field for Jess in the foreground and a low sunshine colouring the groynes at Mundesley.

Because of the increase in members in the group, we adopted a new way of displaying our photos (this time on Churches), attaching them all to boards, and then allowing each member to explain their prints. This proved much more successful, and allowed a fuller discussion and greater appreciation of the images. The church images displayed on the website here are from Elaine Mason (Hemblington church), Penny Doe (Edgefield church) and Sue Badger ( Peter Mancroft and South Creake church).

After the break we experimented with capturing fast images of water dropping into bowls, requiring fine focus and fast shutter speed. Some extremely good images emerged, to the photographer’s delight and surprise!



  • Alan Moss Bluebells
  • Alan Moss Graveyard
  • beach in mono
  • carpet of colour
  • Crocus and snowdrops
  • Daffodils in the morning sun
  • Mundesley
  • water refections
  • West Runton

Pictures Sept 2016

  • Avocet by Liz Smith
  • EagleOwl by Sue Badger
  • Jay by Sue Eyre
  • Puffin by Tim Eyre
  • Robin by Alan Moss