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Newsletter February 2016

There is an important date coming up, namely
Wroxham and District U3A OPEN DAY, 12TH MARCH, 10 AM – 2 PM.
in The Hub, and we hope every group will be represented with information and some sort of display if possible.  Contact me if you have any problems or ideas, please.

General Meetings
Our talk on January 19th by Peter Lawrence on “Beneath the Streets of London – London’s Unseen History” was most absorbing, and we hope to ask him back in a year or so.

This month, on February 16th, Paul Bryant, who took up painting after he left the RAF, will come and create 2 paintings as we watch, and then leave them with us. I have seen him do this and it is amazing!  It has been decided to auction them at the AGM on 19th April.


Walking, The February walk is on Monday 1st Feb, meet at HONING station on Weaver’s Way at 10.30 am, and be prepared to walk 4 – 5 miles.  Ring Maggie Lomax if you intend to come. 01603 783870

Music   Listen, learn and relax at Brian Keane’s  home on Feb 10th and 24th at 2.30 pm at Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham.  Brian 01603 782774

Painting  the group meets on alternate Wednesdays,  this month on 3rd, and 17th Feb in the Hub at 2.30 pm  Come and be creative!   Bob McKee 01603 783639

Photographic/Camera Club  The theme for this month on Friday 19th February at 2 pm in the Hub is “Winter Scenes”.  There are experts, as well as  beginners learning more about their cameras, so everyone is welcome.  Mary Long  01603 722254

Eating Out  The next one will be on Friday February 26th 12.30 at the White Horse in Upton.  Please let Corrie know if you wish to come.  01603 782755.  If there are people who would like to eat out in a group but cannot make lunch times, then put out a list and see if others would like to join for an evening outing.

Bird Watching starts again this month, meeting on Saturday 6 February at 10.30 am at Di Stagg’s house (on the Horning Road by the double roundabout.)    “Bird Banter” is popular and takes place in Bouchon on Friday 19th Feb at 10.30 am over a coffee.  Di Stagg 01603 784214

French conversation is held every Thursday afternoon at 3 pm in Bouchon, and all levels of French speakers or learners are welcomed.  Jane Monks 01603 784296

History  Held once a month on the last Tuesday, February 23rdat 10 am at the home of Anne den Engelse,20 The Avenue, Wroxham  01603 782121.  All welcome.

Play Reading Group meets on the first Tuesday of the month ie February 2nd at 2 pm at the home of Ann Wilson, “Carousel” Ashmanhaugh.  They would welcome more members, particularly men!  Ann 01603 782293

Jigsaw Swap  Bring the jigsaws you don’t want any more to our general meetings, and maybe pick up another one.             Janis Heward 01603 720696

Petanque will start again in April.   We use the Hub car park which does create some odd bounces, but it adds to the challenge!  Denis and Margaret Cobbold  01603 784650
Finally a reminder to the committee members that we have a meeting on Tuesday 23rd February at 2.30 pm in the usual venue.

Corrie Mould, Chairman



WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for December 2015

Our membership is now well over 60 and steadily growing!  There must be  more talent or interests among all these people – let me know if you would like to start a group, either because you want to share your knowledge, or because you  would like to learn something new,  and we will see what we can do to help.

A dozen of us safely found our way to Thursford and thoroughly enjoyed the show and all the fantastic decorations and lighting in the hall and outside on the trees.  Did I hear a call for more of these organised theatre visits?  Anyone volunteering?

Peter Harris spoke at our November meeting, and we were fascinated by the pictures of early planes made of little more that paper and string.  It brought home to us how brave the pilots were in open cockpits on their own,   at perhaps -20 deg C, flying 7 hours to Berlin and 7 hours back.  The number of airfields was staggering, our nearest (apart from Coltishall) being Rackheath.

We do not have a speaker in December but our Christmas party, a social event with a few games or a quiz, and a more substantial tea for which any contributions will be welcome. 

Remember the date is 8th December, not 15th as you might expect from our usual pattern.

these may be somewhat curtailed during December, but we expect to be back in full swing in January.

November’s walk was most enjoyable around parts of Aylsham.  Maggie Lomax is organising the next one, and she says: “ The December walk on 7th Dec will be around Norwich, about 4 miles maybe less.  We can take the X11 bus, leaving Roys at 9.50, to Castle Meadow and return from there on any Wroxham bus.  Please ring me on 01603 783870 if you are coming”.

continues fortnightly on Wednesdays at the home of Brian Keane, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham on 2nd, 16th and probably 30th Dec, 2.30 – 4.30 pm.  All welcome.  Brian 01603 782774.

Come and lose yourself for a few hours painting anything you fancy. 9th Dec and 6th January, at 2.30 – 4.30pm in the side room at The Hub.  Bob McKee 01603 783639.

Photographic Group 
The group now meets at The Hub on the third Friday of the month from 2 – 4 pm.  At the November meeting there were some beautiful Autumn photos, and then we took turns to have our portraits taken, sometimes wearing a silly hat!  The next meeting will be on Friday Dec 18th from 2 – 4.  Mary says Susan Badger will be bringing bits and pieces to enable the group to try Bokeh (I am intrigued to find out what that is!), but the theme that day will be Christmas.  Some light Christmas nibbles are requested to share.  Mary Long 01603 722254

French conversation
continues every Thursday afternoon 3 pm at Bouchon (opposite Hoveton station).  Jane Monks 01603 782496.

Since the regular meeting would fall on 29th December, it has been decided not to meet until January 26tth at 10 am.  Anne den Engelse 01603 782121

Play Reading 
After a very successful initial meeting, the Play Reading Group continues to meet on the first Tuesday of the month, ie 1st December and 5th January at 2 pm at the home of Ann Wilson, “Carousel”, Ashmanhaugh 01603 782293.

Eating Out  We all think we will be doing enough eating in December, so the next Eat Out will be on Friday 29th  January.  We have several ideas of new hostelries to sample, maybe we will see how the winter weather develops before we decide how far to go!

Bird Watching The plan is to go to Strumpshaw Fen on Saturday 5th Dec.  Meet at Di’s house (by the double roundabout) at 10 am armed with the usual gear, hopefully the weather will play along.  Di Stagg 01603 784214   Let her know if you are coming.
There will be no Bird Banter in December, or any Bird Watching  in January, so the next meeting will be Bird Banter on Friday 22nd January at Bouchon, 10.30 am
So,  I wish you all many blessings at Christmas, and travel safely if you are going away.
Happy Christmas!
Corrie Mould, Chairman 01603 782755

WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for November 2015

We have welcomed several new members this month.  As with all members I hope they will make full use of what U3A has to offer, and hopefully also contribute what they can.
Our speaker Chris Bell enthralled us all at our general meeting with tales of storm chasing and weather forecasting. 

This month on 17th November Peter Harris is telling us about the military airfields of Norfolk 1914 – 1945.

There is another meeting  of the prospective Norfolk Network on 4th November, thanks to John and Tricia Hardy who have been representing us.  This organisation is suffering severe birth pains, and we feel this may be a make or break meeting.

Van Dal shoe factory visit on Dibden Road,(  just off Silver Road in Norwich) is on Tuesday 3rd November at 10.30 am.  Sixteen people have signed up to go, which is wonderful, but we cannot take any more people now as they have booked a tour guide who will not take more than 15 (we will have to smuggle the extra one in!)  Please be there in good time.  If you have a transport problem let me know.


Walking  Maggie Lomax 01603 783870 has volunteered to lead a 4 mile walk around Aylsham   area starting from the Bure Valley station in Aylsham on Monday 2nd November at 10.30.  The walks have not been well supported lately – are we all getting lazy??  Please ring Maggie if you intend to come.

Music  fortnightly at the home of Brian Keane, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham.  Monday 4th and 18th November, 2.30 – 4.30.  Brian comes up with some varied and sometimes surprising recordings, and is happy for anyone else to bring some along.  Brian 01603 782774

Painting continues fortnightly at The Hub alternating with music weeks on Wednesday afternoons, 2.30 – 4.30.  Dates this month are 11th and 25th.  Bob McKee 01603 783639

Petanque   The players are storing the balls away until next spring.  Dennis and Margaret Cobbold 01603 784650.

Photography   this group is also moving indoors to the Hub on Friday afternoons from 2.30 – 4.30 pm, to look at their pictures taken of Norwich dragons and also autumn colours, and the next three meetings will be on the following themes:  Friday November 20th, subject Portraits, Friday December 18th, subject A Christmas theme, Friday15th January 2016, subject Using Macro. (Personally I love to see photos by people who unlike me  know what they are doing, but I have learned more about using my camera!) Mary Long 01603 722254

French Conversation continues every Thursday afternoon at 3 pm at Bouchon (opposite Hoveton station). Jane Monks 01603   782496

History The group meets on the last Tuesday morning of the month at 10 am, which will be 24th November. Details from Anne den Engelse 01603 782121

Play Reading This group was launched last month, and will meet again on Tuesday 3rd November, 2 pm at the home of Ann Wilson, “Carousel”, Ashmanhaugh 01603 782293.  Jane Monks is coordinating the group at the moment, and says they would like more men! Jane 01603 782496

Bird Watching  Di Stagg 01603 784214 says there is so much coming and going at Cley nature reserve, that we will probably go there again.  Meet at her home next to the double roundabout in Hoveton (park on Horning Road West) at 10 am on Saturday November 7th armed with binoculars and warm clothing!

Bird Banter  takes place 2 weeks later on Friday 20th November at 10.30 in the congenial surroundings of Bouchon (opposite Hoveton station) over a cup of coffee when Di  imparts here immense knowledge of birds their groups and their habits.  All welcome Di Stagg 01603 784214

Eating Out  Ten people enjoyed good food and chat last month at the Brick Kilns, Plumstead.  It was agreed that in November we would try the Kings Head in Ludham on Nov 20th.  However, that date now clashes with Photography, so please note that I have moved the date to November 27th at 12.30.  You must let me know if you are coming – there will be a list to sign at the general meeting.  Corrie Mould 01603 782755.

Meanwhile, several of us are looking forward to going to Thursford on Tuesday 24th November.
A forward notice that our December meeting will be our Christmas party, not on the usual third Tuesday but on Tuesday 8th December at 2.30

To all committee members: remember there is a committee meeting on Tues 10th November  at 2.30 at the usual venue. Corrie Mould, Chairman 01603 782755


WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for October 2015

WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for October 2015

Twenty eight people benefitted from a lively first aid discussion at our general meeting in September.  We were presented with various crisis situations and had to think how we would handle them.  Janette Wilson North for the Red Cross made sure we had the right answers, and hopefully we will remember them if we should ever need them.

Our speaker at our General Meeting on October 20  at 2.30 pm in The Hub, will be Chris Bell telling us about WeatherQuest and Storm Chasing, which should be pretty lively! 

You should all just have received your U3A magazines in the post, and I hope they will give you ideas of what else we can do in our own U3A.  If anyone is hiding a skill or a talent they could pass on to others please share it with us, or if anyone has a desire to study any subject or start a leisure activity please let me or a committee member know and we will try and make it happen.

Visit to Van Dal factory:  A visit has been arranged to the factory just off Silver Road in Norwich on Tuesday 3rd November at 10.30 am.  The tour takes about an hour, and there will be an opportunity to shop there at a small reduction.  If you have not already signed up and you want to come, please email me on candrm@staitheway.orangehome.co.uk  or leave a phone message on 01603 782755.  Transport should not be a problem if we share and the tour is free.

Irene Russell has moved to Broadacres nursing home in Barton Turf, and would be delighted to receive anyone who cares to call.   Judith Jermy is still suffering from a trapped nerve in her back and dare not drive at the moment, so is rather stuck in her cottage in Ranworth, and I am sure would love to see any of us.

Music:  fortnightly at the home of Brian Keane, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham .  Brian cannot do Wed 7th October but will hold it on Thurs 8th October instead, and then again on  Wed 21st October, both at 2.30 pm as usual.  Brian 01603 782774
Painting:  takes place fortnightly at The Hub on Wednesday afternoons at 2.30 – 4.30pm. The dates this month are 14th and 28th October.  Come and spend a few relaxing hours.  Bob McKee 01603 783639

Petanque:  This month’s meeting  is on Monday 12th October, 2.30 – 4.30 pm at The Hub car park.  Come and give it a try, it is good fun.  No equipment needed.  Denis and Margaret Cobbold, 784650.

Photography:  For the October meeting come to Sheringham Park on 26th October at 2.30 pm.  Remember to bring your National Trust Membership card with you if you have one.  Please bring all the photos from the Dragons, the Norwich Workshop and the Autumn Colours to the November meeting.  Mary Long 01603 722254.

French Conversation: continues every Thursday afternoon  at 3 pm at Bouchon (opposite Hoveton station).  Jane Monks 01603 782496

History:  The group meets on the last Tuesday morning of the month at 10 am, which will be 27th October.  Details from Anne den Engelse 01603 782121

Walking:  Could anyone lead a 3 – 4 mile walk during October?  Our previous leaders are all away on  holiday, and we must keep this activity going if possible.  Any offers, please circulate the details through John Hardy, john@net100.co.uk

Bird Watching:    We had a wet but very rewarding visit to Cley next the Sea in September, and saw the lovely new developments at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust centre there.  The next expedition will probably be Saturday October 3rd  but check with Di Stagg first.01603 784214.  Di follows the birds migrating, so you never know where she might take you to see them!  Bird Banter is less effort, sitting over a cup of coffee in Bouchon with the table covered in bird books.  That is due to take place on Friday 16th October, 10.30 am.

Art Appreciation:  There was little response to the suggestion to study individual artists of schools of art, so what with Judith being indisposed, unless a good exhibition comes up we will let it rest for the time being.

Play Reading is a new venture  which several people are interested in, and more could be accommodated. The first date is Monday October 6th at 2 pm at the home of Jane Monks, Rivercroft Cottage, Beech Road, Wroxham (Jane says she will send out a little map!)  01603 782496
Eat Out Club:  The September lunch at the Olive Branch was very pleasant, attended by 7 people.  The next one will be on October 23rd at 12.30 pm  at the Brick Kilns, the pink pub on the Plumstead Road.  You must let me know if you intend to come so that I can book.  Corrie Mould 01603 782755

Tell your friends and neighbours about how U3A can keep one active and healthy in retirement, and bring them along to our general meeting, initially for £2 as a visitor, and hopefully they will be hooked!

Corrie Mould, Chairman


WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for September 2015

This month we should be getting into the swing of activities again, though some of us will be holidaying now that the school holidays are over, and making the most of what is left of the summer.
You may have seen in the EDP that a new U3A has started in Aylsham.  All good publicity to tell people what U3A is all about.
Our General meeting this month is on Tuesday 15th September at 2.30 pm at The Hub, when Janette Wilson North from the Red Cross will be visiting us again, this time to give us a first aid demonstration.  You never know when you may be called upon to save a life, or cope with lesser emergencies, so it should be well worth coming. Perhaps you could bring a friend who might be interested in joining us.
There will be a committee meeting on September 8th at 2.30 pm at the usual venue.

Painting:  The first session will be on  2nd September at The Hub, 2.30pm and fortnightly thereafter ie 16th and 30th.  Bob McKee 01603 783639.

Art Appreciation/Artists and their paintings:  While we will keep an eye open for major exhibitions, the feeling is that more could be gained from studying individual painters or schools of art from dvd’s  or books, with help from HQ.   Since we will have some or our painters present at The Hub on 2nd September,  Judith suggests that anyone interested in studying for example Italian painters (or whatever they want) comes to a short meeting at 2.30 pm on that day to decide future activities, or ring her, Judith 01603 270235

Music  meets fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons  at 2.30 pm at the home of Brian Keane, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham.  Brian has an endless supply of all kinds of music and we always learn something.  Wed 9th and 23rd in September.  Brian 01603 782774

Petanque this month is on Monday 14th September at 2.30 at The Hub car park. Everyone welcome, it is great fun.  Denis and Margaret Cobbold, 01603 784650

Play Reading  This is a proposed new group which needs to get together and make arrangements.  Jane Monks 01603 782496 suggests any people interested meet for a short time after our general meeting at The Hub on Tuesday 15th, or give her a ring if you cannot be there.

Photographic group/Camera Club: Mary Long writes: “3 of us had fun chasing dragons on August 17th, the light was variable and the positioning of the dragons not always easy to photo.”  She apologises for having to cancel the meeting on 24th August, and the next meeting will be on Monday 21st September at 2.30 pm:  meet on the steps of the Forum in Norwich, and there will be a very full programme.  The following one will be on October 26th  2.30 at Sheringham Park, and all efforts will be reviewed at the November meeting.  Mary Long 01603 784650

French conversation: continues every Thursday afternoon at 3 pm at Bouchon (opposite Hoveton Station). Jane Monks 01603 782496

History:  The group will meet on Tuesday 29th September in the morning.  Details form Anne den Engelse 01603 782121

Walking:  usually meets the first Monday morning of the month for a 3 – 4 mile ramble.  This activity may be a casualty of several organisers still being on holiday – unless someone can come forward prepared to lead a walk.  If so, send a message to John Hardy to circulate john@net100.co.uk

Bird Watching: Di says this depends a bit on whether birds have started to migrate or not, so she has a few ideas but will not disclose it until the day!  So, this time bird watchers will go on a “mystery tour”, meet outside her home Galway House on the double roundabout in Hoveton at 10 am armed with the usual equipment.  Bird Banter will be at Bouchon on Friday 18th at 10.30 am at Bouchon. Di Stagg, 01603 784214

Eat Out Club will start again on Friday 11th September at 12.30 pm at The Olive Branch in Tunstead.  You MUST let me know if you are coming so I can book numbers.  Corrie 01603 782755
PS  May I put my other hat on for a moment:  The URC (United Reformed Church which owns the Hub) is holding a Quiz and Chips at The Hub on Saturday 12th September at 6 pm.  Tickets at cost price £6.50.  Let me know at least a few days before if you would like to come.

Looking forward to meeting you all again
Corrie Mould (Chairman)



WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for July 2015

Several visitors joined us for the general meeting in July for a very lively talk by Simon Partridge on “Norfolk Wherries”.  Hopefully we gave them a warm welcome and they will want to come again and join us.  We have so much to offer.  Having said that, some activities will shut down for August, with holidays and family commitments.  There will be no general meeting this month, the next one will be a First Aid demonstration. on September 15th at 2.30 in The Hub.
Tricia and I went to a Norfolk Network meeting in Dereham, and the best thing to come out of it for us was to find that our subscription and monthly meeting charge are very much on a par with other groups.  We now have contact names for other groups.

I am reminded to say that passengers to any away U3A event should reimburse their driver, at the rate of, say, 25p per mile.  Also, it is our custom to pay a host of a meeting  at home 30p towards refreshments.
There is a committee meeting on September 8th at 2.30 pm at the usual venue.

Painting is shutting down in August.  First meeting on 2nd September at The Hub, 2.30 and fortnightly thereafter.  Bob McKee 01603 270235

History  No meeting in August, the next will be on 29th September.  Usually the last Monday morning of the month at 10 am at the home of Anne den Engelse  01603 782121

Music meets fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons at 2.30pm at Brian’s home:  August 5th, 19th, and then a 3-week gap to 9th September, after which it will be fortnightly again, at  Brian Keane’s home, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham 01603 782774

Play Reading.  This is a new group that will meet in September to discuss the possibilities.  Jane Monks 01603 782496.  Details in September newsletter.

Petanque made a good beginning at its first meeting in July, the next one is Monday 10th August at 2.30 at The Hub.  Go along and join the fun!  Denis and Margaret Cobbold 01603 784650

Photographic/Camera Group Began with a very successful meeting on 29th July.  Mary Long 01603 722254 says “Our next meeting will be on Monday August 17th at The Forum, Norwich 2.30 pm.  This is an extra meeting this summer and a little different in that we will be photographing the Dragons (there are 84) but we will not be doing anywhere near that number.  Maps will be available from Mary on the day at the Forum.  Our next regular monthly meeting is on Monday August 24th at 2.30 pm at Holy Trinity Church, Rackheath.  Between now and then,  Happy snapping!”

French conversation continues every Thursday afternoon at Bouchon (opposite the station).  Jane Monks 01603 782496.

Bird Watching:  Sat August 1st, a trip to Buxton Heath hoping to track down nightjars, with a possibility of lunch at a Hevingham pub.  Meet at Di Stagg’s home (on the double roundabout in Hoveton) at 10.30 .  01603 784214.  “Bird Banter” to be arranged later.

Eat Out Club:  no meeting in August.  Let us start again on Friday 11th September at 12.30 pm  at a popular venue, the Olive Branch in Tunstead.  You must let me know if you are coming so I can book.  Corrie Mould 01603 782755

Walking:  no meeting in August.  Usually the first Monday morning of the month, so the next one will be on September 7th.  Details later.
Happy Holidays!

Corrie Mould (Chairman)
01603 782755


WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for July 2015

Thirty people attended our Summer Party in the lovely garden of Brian Keane by the river, it was warm, but interrupted half way through by a forecast heavy shower.  No problem, we just moved into the flat above the boathouse.  It was nice to meet some people’s partners.  The chairs and gazebo eventually dried out and were returned to their owners.  Many thanks to Brian and Eunice for their generous hospitality.

Our treasurer Philip Sims is moving to Spain this month.  We thank him for the spell he has done as our Treasurer, and wish him and Carolyn well in their new home.  Margaret Cobbold will be taking over as Treasurer.

The speaker at our next General Meeting on 21st July is Simon Partridge, whose subject is Norfolk Wherries. 2.30pm at The Hub as usual.

My apologies to Mary Long, who told us she had changed the date of the first photography group from 22nd to 29th June because of her holiday, but it completely escaped my memory!  No wonder she was not home.  However, 4 of us met in the Hub on 22nd and no one was left waiting on the doorstep!  Details of next meeting below.

The next Eat Out is this Friday, 3 July at 12.30 pm at the New Inn, Horning.  Anyone can come along but please let me know if you have not already so I can ensure a reservation.  Corrie 01603 782755

Bird/Butterfly Watching:  This Saturday 4 July, meet at Di’s (by the double roundabout in Hoveton) at 10 am, trip to Dilham Canal and Pinkneys Wood.  Bird Banter Friday 17th July at Bouchon at 10.30 am.  The next outing will be to Buxton Heath on 1st August.  Di Stagg 01603 784214

Walking:  Monday 6th July 10.30 from Upton Staithe (turn left between South Walsham and Acle). Marlene Corke 01603 781012

Painting:  Wednesdays 1st, 15th and 29th July, meet at The Hub at 2.30pm, perhaps paint out doors weather permitting.  Bob McKee 01603 270235

Music:  Wednesdays 8th and 22nd at 2.30 pm.  The 15th will be at Brian’s home, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham, venue for 22nd to be decided.  Brian 01603 782774

Art Appreciation:  There do not seem to be any exhibitions that attract at present.

Gardening:  The trip to Mannington Hall in June did not take place, but suggest anyone could go there in their own time, roses, other gardens and walks.  Poor Judith is suffering from a trapped nerve in her back, we wish her well and hope she will soon be back in action.

Eat Out Club:  This Friday 3rd July at the New Inn, Horning at 12.30 pm.  The next one is decided by those present this time. Corrie Mould 01603 782755

French Conversation:  Every Thursday afternoon at 3 pm at Bouchon, opposite the station.  Jane Monks 01603 782496

History: The group has made a visit to the oldest boatyard on the Broads, Hunters on 30th June.  Generally they meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 10am at Ann den Engelse’s home, 20, The Avenue, Wroxham.  There is the possibility that the group will be following up the Paston family with a visit to Oxnead Hall on 28th July.  Details from Ann, 01603 782121.

Camera Club (formerly named Photography):  The next meeting will be on Monday July 27th at 2.30 pm, at Mary Long’s home, The Conifers, 63 Salhouse Road, Rackheath NR13 6PD.  Between now and the meeting please take photos of The Broads and bring 2 printed ones that you are happy with along to the meeting with your name and why you took it on the back of each one.  Happy snapping!

Petanque: starts on Monday July 13th at 2.30 pm at The Hub.  Come along and give it a go!  Denis and Margaret Cobbold 01603 784650

Play Reading:  This is now a viable group but could do with more people, especially anyone with experience.  The group will start in September, further information later.  Jane Monks 01603 782496
Enjoy the summer weather!
Corrie (01603 782755)


WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for June 2015

The event of the month is our Summer Party, to be held on June 26th at 6.30 pm at“Prior Thatch”, Beech Road (off the Avenue), Wroxham, by kind permission once again of Brian and Eunice Keane.  There will be no charge, but for wine we ask for a ‘donation’ of £1.50, and if anyone can bring a plate of buffet food it would be appreciated, your committee will see to most of it.  Come with your partners (or in my case daughter and friend from Glasgow) and let us hope for a fine evening.

Committee meetingTues  9th June 2.30 m at Tricia’s

General Meetings
Last month John Balls gave us a very absorbing account of Norfolk “Titanic” survivors, filling in the picture of the tragedy in the process, aided by old videos and pictures.  This month on  Tues 16 June at 2.30 pm we have something very different, namely  Sheila Tuffield telling us about “Cadbury with Norfolk Connections”.

Art Appreciation  A group of us visited the Sainsbury Centre exhibition on how Francis Bacon  was influenced by past painters, and I know others have been.  Whatever your reaction to France Bacon, it is worth going to see the old masters alone.  The exhibition is on until July. There are no plans for June as far as I know.  Contact Judith Jermy 01603 270235

  The gardens at How Hill farm in mid May were ablaze with azaleas etc.  There will be a visit to Mannington Hall gardens on Friday 19th June,  meeting there at 1.30 pm.  Judith Jermy, 01603 270235

All welcome on 3rd and 17th June and 1st July at The Hub at 2.30 for a few quiet hours painting, outside if weather permits.  Bob McKee 01603 783639

  Mostly classical, but occasionally Brian diverts to a bit of Jazz or quirky things.  He is unable to host the next one on Wed 10th so it will be at my home at 2.30 pm , Cypress House, Staitheway Road tel 01603 782755, then for Wed 24th revert to the usual venue, “Prior Thatch”,  Beech Road, 01603 782774

French Conversation
  Every Thursday afternoon at 3 pm at Bouchon, opposite the station. Jane Monks 01603 782496

 numbers have dropped through holidays etc, and the June walk  was scheduled for Monday 1st June.  The next one should be Monday morning 6th July contact Marlene Corke 01603 781012

Bird Watching 
 The next bird watching will be  Saturday 13th June  a visit to the nature reserve at Hickling Broad by boat, which was so exciting last year when we spotted cranes.  Meet at Di’s at 10 am (by the double roundabout in Hoveton) to share cars, but do let her know you are coming so that she can book the boat. Bird Banter is due to be on Friday 26th at 11 am in Bouchon.  Di Stagg 0160 3784214

Eat Out Club 
5 of us successfully found Surlingham Ferry where we had a good lunch, and watch activity on the river.  Because the last Friday on June coincides with our party, the next one will be on July 3rd at 12.30 pm at the New Inn, Horning. It is essential that you let me know if you are coming. Corrie Mould 01603 782755

is due to start at The Hub on Monday July 13th, meeting monthly after that.   Contact Margaret Cobbold 01603 784650

 This new group is due to start on Monday 22nd June at 2.30  at the home of Mary Long, 63, Salhouse Road, Rackheath NR13 6PD (over the railway crossing, just past a cul de sac  on the right).  Let her k now if you are coming, and take your camera!  Mary 01603 722254

Play Reading 
This proposal for a new group still needs a few more people.  Contact Jane Monks 01603 782496


WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for May 2015

Newsletter for May 2015
We were very impressed with the work the History group had done for their presentations at the AGM giving us a glimpse of the long history of the Paston family, a personal account of the painter Alfred Munnings who lived in the speaker’s village, and a resume of the development of the boating industry in Wroxham. 

Thank you all, it was most interesting.
At the business end of the meeting, Maggie Richardson was elected onto the committee, as was Margaret Cobbold, who will take over as Treasurer as Philip Sims is selling his house and moving to Spain.  We thank Irene Russell for her support from the day we started. Since then the committee has met, and believing our financial crisis of our first year is over when we had no money to start with, we have reduced the fee at General Meetings from £2 to £1 each (still £2 for visitors).  If there is anyone who wishes to remain a member and  has not paid their £15 subs yet, please do so ASAP.
Summer Party  Brian and Eunice Keane have again kindly agreed that we may hold our summer evening party in their lovely garden by the river, at Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham.  Make a note of the date which is Friday 26th June .
General Meeting On Tuesay 19th May, John Balls will speak about “Survivors of the Titanic”.
Art Appreciation    There is a major art exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre on how Francis Bacon was influenced by past painters, and there will be many works there inc. Velasquez, Rembrandt, Titian, Rodin, Michelangelo, van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne, Gaugin and Matisse,  We have elected to go on Tuesday 12th May, we said 10 am, but now know it does not open until 11 am.  All welcome, but do book your tickets in advance (£10.50)  from the centre.  We have agreed to meet in the car park of Salhouse Nursery at 10.10 to share cars. Judith Jermy 01603 270235
Gardening  The outing in May is to How Hill on Sunday 17th May when it opens its private gardens to the public from 1 – 5 pm, mostly gorgeous azaleas around water.  Entry £4.    Judith Jermy 01603 270235
Painting  Wed 6th and 20th May  meet at the Hub at 2.30 pm, painting outside if weather permits. Bob McKee 01603 783639
Music Wed 13th and 27 May  at 2.30 pm come and relax listening to classical music at Brian Keane’s home, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham 01603 782774
French conversation  Meets for a social hour or two at Bouchon (opposite Wroxham Station).  Jane Monks 01603 782496
Walking  Because of the Bank Holiday, May’s walk will be on Monday 11th, meeting at Swanton Abbot church, for a walk of two halves, 2 miles each.  Meet at 10.30.  Let Maggie Lomax 01603 783870 know.
Bird Watching  On May 9th, a visit to How Hill to go on the electric boat round the dykes at 11 am, followed by a walk around the woods and bird hides.  EVERYONE MUST LET DI KNOW IF THEY  ARE COMING, EVEN THE ‘REGULARS’ SO THAT SHE CAN BOOK THE BOAT.  Meet at Di’s, (on the corner by the double roundabout in Hoveton) at 10.20 prompt.  Di Stagg 784214
Di is also going to the Mannington Hall “Bird and Wildlife Fair” on Sat 16th  May.  She has space for 2 people in her car.
Eat Out Club last month 11 of us had a most enjoyable lunch at the Britannia Cafe in the Barracks. The next venue is Surlingham Ferry on May 29th  at 12.30.  Do let me know if you are coming, and we can book and car share.  Corrie  Mould 01603 782755
Petanque  Several members are interested, and it will start on Monday July 13th, meeting monthly at The Hub.  Margaret Cobbold 01603 784650
Photography  This is a new group which Mary Long has offered to host and lead, starting with “getting to know your camera”.  First meeting 22nd June at 2.30pm.  Make a note of the date and  do let her know if you are coming.  Mary Long, 63, Salhouse Road, Rackheath NR13 6PD  01603 722254
Play Reading  this is also a new idea that so far 3 people are keen about.  The list will be at the next general meeting if you are interested.
Wishing you all a happy month taking part in all the activities
Corrie Mould (Chairman) 01603 782755


WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for April 2015


Newsletter for April 2015 
Welcome to several new members, hopefully you will find U3A enjoyable and fulfilling.  The rest of you, please remember that your subs were due on 1 April, if you have not already paid.  Thanks to John and Tricia Hardy for attending a further meeting of the Norfolk Network, which finally seems to be making progress, and John has taken it upon himself to collate a list of speakers, which will be very helpful.  We are well advanced with our own speaker bookings, well into 2016.
The two gentlemen who came to speak at our general meeting in March  aroused so much interest with questions that the tea was getting cold! 

Our April general meeting is our AGM on 21st April, not the 17th as stated on the payment slips.  After the business, which should not take too long, we look forward to hearing  members of our History Group who are going to tell us about their studies, ranging from The Paston family, the history of boating on the Broads, and Alfred Munnings.   

They have been working hard!
Thanks to Marlene who organised the visit to Norwich Crown Courts.  We got a good idea of procedures.

Walking Group:   Usually the 1st Monday of the month but not this time, ie not 6th April (Easter) but 13th.  Details from Marlene Corke 01603 781012.  Let her know if you are coming.

Classical Music: fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons at 2.30 pm, ie 1st April, 15th April and 29th April, at Brian Keane’s home, Prior Thatch, Beech Road (off the Avenue), Wroxham.  01603 782774

French Conversation:  meets every Thursday afternoon at 3 pm at “Bouchon”, opposite the station.  I do not know if they are missing any around Easter – ring Jane Monks 01603 783870

Painting for Pleasure: fortnightly on Wednesdays at The Hub at 2.30 pm, hopefully soon to move outside.  April 8th and 22nd .  Bob McKee, 01603 783639

Bird Watching: Di Stagg suggests going to the Dilham Canal and Pinkney’s wood, on Saturday 11th April, meet outside her home (on the double roundabout in Hoveton) at 10 am with your binoculars.  01603 784214

Bird Banter:  looking up birds over a cup of coffee, and a wander down to the river.  Saturday 25th April at “Bouchon” at 11 am

Gardening:  Monday 30th March a visit to Woodgates Nursery on the Cawston Road near Aylsham, meeting at 11 am.  Cafe available.  Apparently they have lovely plants!
On Friday 17th April  between 2.30 and 4.30 I invite anyone interested to come and have a cup of tea and nosey round my garden.  It is nothing special, but I would like to do that before someone else takes over the Chairmanship next year!  Problem is, not much parking space, so if you could leave cars either in Staitheway Road and walk down the drive, or on the layby at the Social Club on the main road and walk up the footpath along number 99 Norwich Road, it would help.  We should have bulbs flowering.   Corrie and Richard Mould, 25 Staitheway Road, Wroxham 01603 782755

Petanque  Anyone interested in having a go possibly on The Hub car park please contact Dennis and Margaret Cobbold 01603 784650, and they will take it from there.

Art Appreciation:  forward notice of a visit to the Sainsbury Centre to view the “Francis Bacon and the Masters” exhibition on Tuesday May 12th, at 10 am (the earlier the better for parking).  Paintings from the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Velasquez, Rembrandt, Titian, Michelangelo, Rodin, van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne, Gaugin, Matisse.  Tickets £10.50 (concession) can be bought now, I suggest you apply for your own if you want to come, and put your name on the list at the AGM so that we know who to look out for.

Eat Out Club:  Amazingly there were 12 of us who had a very pleasant lunch at the Olive Branch in Tunstead.  The proposal for the next meeting is to go to the Prison/Barracks on Mousehold, where there is apparently an excellent cafe with wonderful views over Norwich.  The things we learn through U3A!  Share transport if possible.

Committee Meeting: Tuesday 28th April, 2.30 pm at Tricia’s, Greenbanks, Ropes Hill, Horning.
Hoping to see you all at the AGM on 21st April,  2.30 pm at The Hub.
Corrie Mould (Chairman) 01603 782755


WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for March 2015

During March you will be receiving a) request for renewal of subscription, and b) notice of the AGM.  Please remember that if we do things by the book, all the committee should stand down, and elections held.  Committee members, Chairman and Secretary may only do 3 years in the same position, the Treasurer may do 6 years.  The present committee members are not allowed to nominate anyone. We need some new blood this year so that next year the present people don’t all have to leave at once, so it is up to you.  Remember, U3A is all about self help and everyone pulling their weight!
We have welcomed some new members this month, and we hope they find U3A fulfilling.
We now have a full programme of speakers for 2015, and 3 for 2016, with a few more ideas.  The job of speaker finder needs filling, so whoever takes it on for a while will have a very good start. Tell me if you could do a stint.

Janette Wilson-North
spoke fluently at our Feb general meeting about her experiences with the Humanitarian  Red Cross, helping in tragic conditions in disaster zones.  We have invited her back for our September meeting to give us basic first aid instruction.

March General Meeting 
on 17th, 2.30pm at the Hub, Mr David Revell is speaking about the Dilham Canal.

   Please make a note of these in your diary- too often people forget!

Monday 2nd Walking Group
is meeting at Ludham church at 10.30 am for a 4 mile walk in the How Hill direction.  All welcome.  Marlene Corke 01603 781012.  Next walk would normally be 6 April, but as this is Easter Monday, it will be on Mon April 13th.

Tuesday 3rd Committee meeting
this time in the morning at 10.30 am at Tricia’s.

Wed 4th  Classical Music,
Please note Brian cannot host it this week and it will be held at my home, 25 Staitheway Road, Wroxham at 2.30 pm.  Corrie Mould 01603 782755.  Wed 18th we will be back at Brian’s again at 2.30pm in Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham.  Brian Keane 01603 782774.

Thurs 5th and every Thursday afternoon at 3 pm, French conversation
at Bouchon, opposite the station. Jane Monks 01603 783870

Sat  7th Bird Watching outing
probably to Alderfen Broad, possibly Barton Broad.  Meet at Di’s at 10 am, which is ½ hour earlier than usual.  Further details, ring Di 01603 784214.

Monday 9th “Homage to Manet” art exhibition at Norwich Castle.  (NOT Tues 10th as stated last month)
Meet in the coffee bar at 10.30 am.  Please let Judith Jermy know if you intend to come 01603 270235

Wed 11th and Wed 25th, Painting for Pleasure
2.30 – 4.30 at The Hub.  Bob McKee 01603 783639.

Tues 17th General meeting, 2.30 at The Hub
  See details above

Friday 20th “Bird Banter”
Talking about different birds and what we have seen,  Note change of venue to Di’s house on the double roundabout, Galloway House, at 11 am.   Di Stagg 01603 784214

Tuesday 24th Visit to the Law Courts inNorwich.  Meet at 10.00 sharp to look around before proceedings begin. 
  Let Marlene Corke know if you are coming; 01603 781012 mpc@cassis.eclipse.co.uk

Gardening  Monday 30th at 11 am 
   All keen gardeners are invited to come and visit Woodgates Nursery outside Aylsham. (Proceed through Buxton, turn left and go straight across the Aylsham roundabout, the nursery is ½ mile on the left.  Cafe does drinks and lunches if desired.)
A busy month – enjoy it!
Corrie Mould (Chairman) 01603 782755


WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for February 2015

As I said at our last meeting, we need some new blood on the committee, or next year everyone will have to go at once as they cannot do more than 3 years in the same post.  Please consider if you could do a stint for a year or two.
Magna Carta:   We have received notice of a Magna Carta day at Bury St Edmunds on 20 September, when no less than 6 professors will speak.  If interested, contact Ann den Engelse 01603 782121.
Holiday in North Wales   WymondhamU3A are inviting anyone who would like to go with them by coach from 25th – 29thMay to, £300 inc trips and admissions.  Contact John Dollimore 07928887780 johndollimore45@gmail.com.
Speakers:  thanks to our Secretary Lynne who up till now has found all the speakers for us.  She now wishes to hand over. Thanks to Diana who sprang into action and arranged some more, 2 for this year and 3 for next year!  Now it is time for someone else to have a go – let me know if you have any ideas!
Feb. General Meeting:   On 17th Feb we will have someone  from the Red Cross  speaking about its Humanitarian work, and on March 17th a speaker telling us about the history of the Dilham canal.      
ACTIVITIES FOR FEB:  please make a note of these in your diaries!
Mon 2nd Walking Group meet at Buxton Bure Valley Railway station at 10.30.  3 ½ to 4 miles, wear strong shoes, it may be muddy in places.  Marlene Corke01603 781012.  Next walk March 2nd.
Wed 4th and 18th, Classical Music  2.30-4.30, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham, home of Brian Keane, 0103 782774.  All welcome for a relaxing afternoon!
Thurs 5th and every week, French conversation 3 pm at Bouchon, opposite the station. Jane Monks, 01603 783870  Chat in French over a glass of wine or a cup of tea.
Sat 7th Bird Watching, meet outside Di’s home Galloway House, Horning Rd West by the double roundabout at 10.30 for a fairly local morning.  Di Stagg 01603 784214
Wed 11th and 25th Painting for Pleasure 2.30-4.30  at The Hub.  Bob McKee 01603 783639
Tues 17th  General Meeting 2.30 – 4.30 at The Hub  “The Red Cross Humanitarian Work”
Sun 22nd  National Gardens opening.  Visit planned to Thorpe Market church for snowdrops and a painting exhibition, 2 pm, entrance free, teas. (Turn right just after the 30 mph sign as you enter Thorpe Market on the road from N Walsham to Cromer) . Please let Judith Jermy know if you plan to come 01603 270235
Tues 24th History Group  10.00 at the home of Sue Roberts, 7, Staitheway Road, Wroxham. At present studying the Paston family, and the history of boating on the Broads. They have decided to meet the last Tuesday of every month.  Ann den Engelse 01603 782121
Mon 9thth March “Homage to Manet” Exhibition at Norwich Castle, meet at 10.30 indoors for coffee. Please let Judith know if you are coming 01603 270235.  This exhibition has had much publicity and should be well worth a visit.                                                  Corrie Mould, Chairman (01603 782755)

Wroxham and District U3A
Newsletter for January 2015


A Happy New Year to everyone, and may our Wroxham and District U3A flourish in the coming year.

This is a brief reminder of what is happening in January, as it seems a long time ago since I sent my last Newsletter.

Mon Jan 5th   Walk from Salhouse church in a figure 8, so you can stop half way if you want.  Meet at Salhouse church at 10 am.  Let Maggie Lomax know if you are coming 01603 783870

Wed Jan 7th  Classical music starts again fortnightly at Brian Keane’s home, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham.  Everyone welcome at 2.30pm.

Thurs Jan 8th  Ring Jane Monks  01603 782496 to find out when French conversation resumes at Bouchon, usually 3 pm

Tues 13th there is a committee meeting at Tricia’s, Greenbanks, Ropes Hill, at 2.30 pm

Wed 14th Fortnightly Painting starts again at Hub at 2.30pm.

Tuesday Jan 20th General Meeting at 2.30 pm with a speaker from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Tuesday Jan 27th, the infant History group is meeting at Tricia’s, Greenbanks, Ropes Hill, Horning.  If you are interested in  any period of history you may find someone who is like minded and you can follow it up together.  There are plenty of resources for research. Two groups are at present studying the Paston family and the history of boating on the Broads

The Eat Out Club is having trouble finding a suitable regular day.  In the meantime, Richard and I will be at The Fur and Feather in Woodbastwick on Friday 30th Jan at 12.30, if anyone cares to join us.  Let us know if you need transport. 01603 782755

To save postage on this occasion, please pass this information on to anyone you know who does not have a computer.

Looking forward to meeting again


Wroxham and District U3A Newsletter for December 2014 / January 2015

General Meeting

We had a good turnout for the speaker from EPIC (European Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) at our last meeting. I was sorry I could not stay, but am told it was very interesting and informative.

Our December meeting is our Christmas Party on Tuesday Dec 9th at 2.30 pm.
Cosmo the Clown is returning for a short Charley Chaplin sketch, we will have quizzes and a special tea.
Not least, our Area Rep, Adrian Braeker, will present us at last with our membership certificate, which we earned last August!

Our January meeting will be on 20th January, when we will have a speaker from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, at 2.30pm in the Hub as usual.

Tricia Hardy and I will be going to a meeting in Dereham on 10th Dec in the hope of furthering the formation of a Norfolk Network, which has floundered at the moment through the resignation of the secretary.

Committee Meeting to be held at Tricia’s, Greenbanks, Ropes Hill, Horning on Tuesday 13th Jan (NOT 14th) at 2.30 pm.

New History Group. Some progress has been made after 2 meetings, when different people turned up. For local history we have been advised to work in two’s or three’s, and two subjects have been selected to follow up: the Paston family and the history of the boating industry. However there is plenty of scope for other subjects, be it ancient, modern or local. All welcome to the next meeting on Tues 27th January, 10-12 am at Tricia’s home, Greenbanks, Ropes Hill, Horning. Contact Ann den Englese 01603 782121.

Eat Out Club Two lunches in pubs were held with a very poor turnout. Maybe we have chosen the wrong day or time, a Friday lunchtime – let us know! It could be worth trying once more in January. Contact Stephanie Wilson 01493 751006.
Theatre/Cinema Reduced prices at the Theatre Royal through Wymondham U3A. The March productions are: “Barnum”, Wed 4th March 2.30 pm, £29, Richard Alston Dance Company (contemporary) Fri 20th March at 7.30 pm £18.50, and “La Boheme” Mon 23rd March 7.30 pm £24.75. The organiser must have names and money by 4th Feb. Sign up or contact John Dollimore, johndollimore45@gamail.com 07928887780.

Present Activities

Classical Music fortnightly on Wednesdays 2.30 – 4.30 at Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham, home of Brian Keane 01603 782774, who has a great collection and knowledge. Dates: Dec 10th, Jan 7th, Jan 21st.

Painting Normally fortnightly on Wednesdays 2.30 – 4.30 at The Hub. Dates are Dec 3rd, Jan 14th, Jan 28th.

Bird Watching: No activities until Di returns in January, then she will let you know. Keep feeding the birds through the winter!

Walking Eleven people (including 3 from Gt Yarmouth U3A) had a lovely walk around Coltishall on 1st Dec. Maggie Lomax has volunteered to lead the next one on Monday 5th January at 10.30 am, meeting at Salhouse church (or “Sallowes” as the 16th C map pictured in the EDP showed it!) 01603 783870. Let her know if you are coming.

French Conversation generally meets every Thursday at Bouchon (opposite Wroxham station) at 3 pm. Jane Monks 01603 783870.

Art Exhibitions as they occur. Norwich Castle has a Cotman exhibition if you could not go with the group. Further plans ring Judith Jermy, 01603 270235

May I wish you all many blessings over the Christmas period, and much enjoyment from your U3A membership in 2015
Corrie Mould, Chairman (01603 782755)

Wroxham and District U3A Newsletter for November 2014

Members:  We have just enrolled our 50th member this year, so welcome to those new people and we hope you find interest, friendship and enjoyment with us.

General Meetings   At our October meeting we were absorbed in the amusing stories of Alan Morrell’s experiences as a “Little Extra” in TV and films, often rubbing shoulders famous names.  Out of a membership of 49 there were about 18 people there. I know several forgot.  We always have our general meeting on the third Tuesday of the month, except our Christmas party which is earlier.  Everyone should be getting these monthly newsletters which have all the dates in.  Do you really need reminding again a few days before?  (I am thinking of getting everyone an engagement calendar for Christmas!).  So, having had my little moan, here are the facts.

November general meeting:   Tuesday 18 November, 2.30 at The Hub.  We will have speakers from the Norfolk EPIC research project led by Cambridge University  studying how lifestyles affect health, particularly cancer.

December General meeting  will be our Christmas party on 9th December, 2.30 at the Hub, with entertainment, quizzes, and a bit more than a biscuit for tea!  Do hope you can join in.

Shakespeare Globe:   Information has reached us about U3A parties visiting the Globe in London, for a tour of the theatre and a demonstration of dressing in Elizabethan attire.  Cost £19 (plus travel).  Dates are available till 13 Feb.  Please let me know if you would like to go, or sign up at a general meeting.

New History Group 15 people have signed showing an interest in a history group.  The initial meeting on Friday 24th Oct. was rather short notice, but 5 people were there and made some decisions. The Hub has been booked for fortnightly Friday mornings from 10 – 12 am, so far on 14th Nov, 28th Nov and 12th Dec.  We know that some members want local history and others more general history, and it could well be that different groups will form and meet at different times and places, but initially, if everyone could get there on 14th November then more could be decided.  The 5 who came decided they would start with studying the Norfolk Paston family.  Let me remind you that there will be a film archive programme on the history of the  Broads at Wroxham Church Hall on Saturday 29th Nov.

“Eat Out Club”  This is also a new venture, with 9 people signed up  so far.  Not knowing if people envisage pub lunches or dining in the evening, I suggest we make a start by meeting at “The Rising Sun” in Coltishall on Friday 7th November at 12.30 pm, have some lunch and make a plan. 

Theatre/Cinema  Reduced tickets to the Theatre Royal through Wymondham U3A. 1.  “Dead Simple”, detective thriller, Tuesday 20 Jan at 7.30, £11.50,  or 2.  “Sister Act”, Wed 28th Jan at 2.30 £16.50.  Sign up at our meeting, or let me know. (01603 782755).

Present Activities
Classical Music fortnightly on Wednesdays 12th and 26th November at 2.30 at Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham.  Brian Keane would be delighted to greet you.  01603 782774.

Painting fortnightly on Wednesdays 5th, 19th November and 3rd Dec (last one this year) at The Hub, 2.30 pm Bob McKee 01603 783639  

Bird Watching Leader Di Stagg is away for a while, so no activities this month.  But keep feeding the birds  to fatten them up for winter!

Walking Maggie Lomax has kindly offered to lead a walk on Monday 3rd Nov at 10.30 am from Barton Turf Staithe about 3.5 miles along quiet roads and grassy  footpaths.  Let her know if you are coming. 01603 783870.

French conversation meets at Bouchon  (opposite Wroxham Station) every Thursday at 3 pm.  Jane Monks 01603 782496

Art Exhibitions   as they occur.  There is a “winter” painting exhibition by local painters at the Assembly House if you happen to be in Norwich.  Also, the new film “Mr Turner” is on at Cinema city at present. Judith Jermy 01603 270235
Corrie (01263 782755) Chairman



WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A October 2014 News Letter

Norfolk Network event on 15th September, Philip and Carolyn Sims, Jane Monks, Ann den Engelse and I attended the Norfolk Network Event in Swaffham. We heard first from the national Chairman, Barbara Lewis, about the need to keep up with the rapid growth of U3A nationally, now 339,000 members, which is 1% of all “third agers”. New literature will be produced, and we are now ordering an initial 20 copies of a new booklet on the History of U3A. Adrian Braecker, Regional rep. told us there are 17 branches in Norfolk with 50 different interests being pursued, Russian being popular! There was then much enthusiastic discussion about forming a Norfolk Network, and possible smaller clusters, to share ideas and activities- we picked up a few ideas in talking to members of other groups.

Annual subs In a move to synchronise our payment of annual subs with the capitation fee to HQ (£3.60 per head) you committee has decided to make this year 11 months, and therefore payment will be due on 1 April instead of 1st May (which was an initial arbitrary choice) , and our AGM will be moved forward to April. Our membership at present stands at 46 –welcome to new members!

Norwich walk In glorious weather on 30th Sept Sally Ann Dawes led us on another fascinating walk entitled “Horrid Norwich” this time around the cathedral area, where all sorts of foul deeds and murders took place over time. She kept us engrossed for over an hour with her amazing memory for facts. ( A sideshow was seeing a kingfisher emerge from the bank near Fye Bridge and dart along the river.)

General meetings Cosmo Hardy was most entertaining at our September meeting, we could not believe the weight of his enormous clown boots! Our next meeting is on 21st October, 2.30 pm at The Hub when local man Alan Morrell will speak about the life of a TV and film extra. Apparently he is quite small, and has entitled his talk “A Little Extra”. Bring a friend if you want, it only costs them £2.

New history group (local, social or other) there are 9 names on the list interested in starting a group, which is great, and there may be more who were not at the general meeting. Unless someone will step forward to host an initial discussion at leisure on what the group wants to do and where and when to meet, (let me know) I suggest everyone meets at the end of our general meeting on 21st Oct. For anyone particularly interested on local history, there will be a special archive film event on Sat 29th Nov at 7 pm in Wroxham Church Hall entitled “The Broads Remembered”. £5. Call 01603 782555 or 01603 784748.

Other new groups We are also trying to start an “Eat Out”Club, and a Theatre/Cinema group with the possibility of getting Theatre Royal tickets through Wymondham U3A at 25% reduction. Sign up!

Present Activities

Classical Music fortnightly on Wednesdays at 2.30 at Prior Thatch, Beech Rd, Wroxham. 15th and 29th Oct. Brian Keane, 01603 782774

Painting fortnightly on Wednesdays 8th and 22nd Oct, 2.30 at The Hub, Wroxham. Philip Sims helped 5 of us with self portraits last time- a chastening experience to view the result!. Bob Mckee 01603 783639

Bird Watching Sat October 18th, trip to Titchwell bird reserve – probably a whole day. Di saw 65 species there recently! Ring her for details, 01603 784214 and benefit from her amazing knowledge.

Walking usually the first Monday morning of the month. Marlene Corke 01603 781012. Marlene will be away for this in Ocotber (and November), and as no one else has offered to lead it, the walk is cancelled this month. Hopefully someone has or will come forward to lead the walk on 3rd November.

Garden visits arranged as and when by Judith Jermy 01603 270235. Sally Ann Dawes recommended the Norwich Plantation Garden, perhaps a possibility, or someone from there can also come and give a talk with projection pictures.

French conversation every Thursday at 3 pm at Bouchon opposite Wroxham Station. Jane Monks 01603 782496

Art Exhibitions as they occur. Judith Jermy 01603 270235.

Did you see in the EDP that Beccles had an initial meeting to start a group and 200 people turned up?!

Corrie (01603 782755), Chairman



WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A September 2014 News Letter

I hope you have all had a good summer, (perhaps doing some bird or butterfly watching?) and  look forward to seeing you all again as activities get going.  As you should know from your Third Age Matters magazine, there are so many resources for people to study a great variety of subjects, and if anyone feels inspired to follow one up do go ahead.  Alternatively, if we can root out people in our communities who are experts on an interesting subject or activity do let me know.  I wonder if we could set up a petanque group using The Hub car park – what do you think?

Norfolk U3A Meeting  I have circulated by email information about a Norfolk U3A meeting at the Swaffham Eco Centre on Monday 15th September, 10 – 3.30.  There will be a speaker from the national executive, and discussion about how the Norfolk group can move forward.  Any member is welcome, please let me know if you want to come so we can share transport.

General Meetings   Every third Tuesday of the month at The Hub at 2.30 pm.  On July 15th we were given a fascinating insight by Christine Adams  into the life of her aunt, Miss May Savage, who moved her 500 year old house piece by piece from Ware in Herts to Wells in Norfolk and built it up again on her own.  What an amazing lady, borne out by further details in the book Christine has written.

On September 16th  our speaker at the General Meeting will be Cosmo Hardy, telling us about the History of Clowning and the Circus.  Try not to miss this one, it sounds fascinating!

Committee Meeting:  a gentle reminder that  there will be a committee meeting on Tues 9th Sept 2.30 at Tricia and John Hardy’s home, Greenbanks, Ropes Hill, Horning (01692 630372).
Music  fortnightly on Wednesdays at 2.30 at Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham, commencing on 3rd September.  Brian Keane 01603 782774

Painting  fortnightly on Wednesdays at 2.30 starting on 10 September. Meet at The Hub, painting outside weather permitting.  Bob McKee 01603 783639

Bird Watching  Saturday 13th September, visit to Strumpshaw Fen RSPB reserve.  Meet at Di Stagg’s home by the double roundabout in Hoveton at 10 am.  Some walking involved.  Friday 26th September there will be Bird Banter at 11 am at Bouchon (opposite Wroxham Station). Di Stagg 01603 784214

Walking   always the first Monday morning of the month.   1st September, for arrangements and venue ring Marlene Corke 01603 781012.

Garden visits  arranged as and when by Judith Jermy 01603 270235. Information about a September visit will be circulated.

French conversation  every Thursday at 3 pm at Bouchon opposite Wroxham station.  Jane Monks 01603 782496

Art Exhibitions:  organised as they occur.  Judith Jermy, 01603 270235.  (I visited the “Edward Seago and Me” exhibition at the Picture Gallery in Holt in the holidays, paintings by the now 11 year old Kieron Williamson and was very impressed – worth a visit if it is still on).

WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Newsletter for July 2014

Good News! We have a new Treasurer!  Thanks to Philip Sims who has agreed to take over from Tricia Hardy, and Tricia says she will back him up when he is away.  We are most indebted to Tricia who was our first treasurer and set up the account and so on, and has done a most efficient job.

General Meetings:  Every third Tuesday of the month at The Hub (except August).   On June 17th we were treated by Alistair Murphy of the Cromer Museum to wonderful monochrome photographs taken in the early 20th century by Olive Edith from Sheringham, who photographed local fishermen and people in high society, including royals.

On July 15th we have a talk called “Moving from Ware to Wells”, given by the niece of the lady who literally had her house in Ware, Herts, dismantled piece by piece and moved to Wells in Norfolk.  We hope you can all come to The Hub on that day at 2.30 pm, as we are told by those who have heard it that it is a quite fascinating talk.

Social Event:  Tuesday July 8th at 6 pm at Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham, by kind permission of Brian and Eunice Keane.  Bring a plate of savoury or sweet food that can be eaten with fingers, drink will be available.  We hope you will bring partners and friends.  There will be cover if it rains, flat shoes are advised.  Boules, clock golf, croquet.....
The editor of “The Bridgeapologises for putting the article submitted for July last year in this month’s issue, so please disregard it. 

Music: fortnightly on Wednesdays at 2.30 at Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham.  Brian Keane 01603 782774

Painting: July 2nd, 16th meet at The Hub 2.30, hopefully painting outside elsewhere. 30th The Hub is not available so it will have to be a fine day!  Bob McKee 01603 783639

Bird Watching: Bird Watching Sat July 12th, possibly Fairhaven with a boat trip.  Ring Di asap if you are interested.  Birding Banter Fri 25th July at Bouchon from 11 am pop in and learn how to do your own survey.  August, Wroxham and Hoveton Bird Survey, ½ hour in your garden or anywhere any time, call Di Stagg 01603 784214 for info and advice.

Walking: Mon July 7th, meet at Ludham church 10.30.Let Marlene Corke 01603 781012 know if you are coming.

Garden visits:  Judith 01603 270235 suggests Salle Park at Reepham NR10 4SF on Sun 27 July 12 – 5 pm. Sun Aug 10th at Plovers Hill, Strumpshaw, and also 16 Witton Lane

French Conversation: every Thursday at 3 pm at Bouchon opposite the station. Jane Monks 01603 782496

Art Exhibitions:  The exhibition on the theme of birds at the Castle museum is well worth a visit, those of us who went thoroughly enjoyed the variety of objects on display.


WROXHAM AND DISTRICT U3A Chairman’s Newsletter for June 2014

Our AGM took place on 20 May, after an interesting talk about osteoporosis, and a new committee was elected.  John Hardy wished to stand down, but we are most grateful that he has offered to continue spreading information by computer for us.  We welcome Marlene Corke who has offered to take John’s place as Membership Secretary.  The first committee meeting had to be postponed but will now take place on Tues 10 June, when various responsibilities will be decided, but we still need someone prepared to replace Tricia Hardy in keeping the books – not very difficult, she tells us and she will be prepared to pass on necessary knowledge.  Since U3A is all about learning, how about offering?! (ring Tricia on 01692 630372.)  A reminder that anyone who has not paid their subscription by the end of June will be struck off the membership list.

Social Event: Plans are under way for an evening social event.  Brian Keane has very kindly offered his garden at Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham, which runs down to the river.  The idea will be for everyone to bring a plate of nibbles, drinks provided, and a few garden games for amusement.  Date to be finally decided at the committee meeting on 10th, and information will be circulated as soon as possible.

At our General Meeting on Tuesday 17th June in the Hub at 2.30pm our speaker will be Alistair Murphy, Curator of Cromer Museum, who will talk about the local photographer Olive Edith, who was famous for photographing “fishermen and kings”.


Wed June 4th, 11th and 25th at Prior thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham.  Brian Keane 01603 783639

Meet at The Hub hopefully to paint somewhere outdoors otherwise inside, Wed June 4th,18th  Bob McKee 01603 783639

Bird Watching:
   Di Stagg (01603 784214) is organising a trip to Hickling NWT which involves a boat trip. Let her know asap if you wish to come.  Leaving her home 9.30 am.  “Bird Banter” at Bouchon ( opposite the station) on Friday 27th June, 11 am.

 The first Monday of each month.  Next one presumably Monday 7 July – details later.  Marlene and Peter Corke 01603 781012.

French  Conversation:
every Thursday at 3 pm at Bouchon opposite Wroxham station.  Jane  Monks 01603 782496

Garden Visits:
  Sunday June 15th the Dutch House at Ludham, Edward Seago’s former house, gardens are open 2 pm.  Judith Jermy (01603 270235) would like to know if you plan to come.

Art Exhibitions: 
There is a much heralded exhibition with a theme of “Birds” at the Castle Museum in Norwich.  You can go any time, but if you wish to go with U3A company, Judith Jermy is planning to meet there on Tues 24th June at 10.30.  Let her know.


I apologise for some lack of activity on my part this last month. My husband Richard is getting on now after breaking his hip 6 weeks ago while playing table tennis!

Ten of us made the trip to Sandringham on April 29th and had a wonderful day, (although the journey home was rather noisy for my passengers after my car exhaust blew!). We enjoyed the cosy royal rooms with all their family photos and display cabinets, the exhibition of charming paintings by Edward Seago lent by the royal family, and the glorious colours in the gardens.


Our next General meeting is on Tuesday 20th May. We have a speaker on Osteoporosis, followed by our AGM. Please come and support.
We need to elect a new committee, the present one is a Steering Committee of volunteers from our initial meeting in February 2013.
As reported before, Tricia Hardy is wanting to hand over the Treasurer’s job and we have not had any volunteers or nominations for a replacement yet. We must have a Treasurer or we cannot function – could it be you? Otherwise I have received one nomination for committee member. Also, may I remind you that subscriptions were due on 1 May.
A reminder that there is a committee meeting at my home on Tuesday 13th May at 2.30 pm

Country Dancing has withdrawn from U3A as no members were joining, but it continues at The Hub on Mondays 2 – 4. Tony 01692 535543

Music May Wed 14th and 28th at Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham Brian 01603 783639

Meet at The Hub hopefully to paint somewhere outdoors Wed 7th , 21st May Bob 01603 783639
Bird Watching, Sat 10th May 10.00 at Di Stagg’s, trip to Alderfen Broad and Barton Broad, Bird Banter on Fri 23rd May at Bouchon 11.00

Walking Mon 12 May led by Corrie (in the absence of Marlene and Peter) 3 ½ miles. Meet at Buxton Bure Valley Railway Station at 10.30 am, walk goesa little along the railway, then along the river to Oxnead and back over a field. Corrie 01603 782755

French Conversation every Thursday at 3 pm at Bouchon opposite Wroxham Station Jane 01603 782496

Garden Visits Sunday 18th May, Stody Lodge near Holt is open to show its glorious azaleas and rhododendrons. Judith suggests meeting there at 2 pm. Lifts could be arranged. Please ring Judith on 01603 270235 if you intend to go.

As you may have seen in the U3A magazine sent to all members, there are so many subjects that we could study, and help with material is only a phone call away.

Anyone want to learn Italian, study Family Trees, start a Scrabble club?...the possibilities are endless.

It takes initiative, which is what U3A is all about!

Hoping to see you at The Hub on 20th May for our AGM, Corrie



It is just over a year since we had our first exploratory meeting, and this last month we passed our 50 membership.

Welcome to all those new members, we hope you will get great enjoyment from our meetings and groups, and also perhaps share your talents and interests with us. We are all learners!

We are very relieved to see our secretary back safely after a wonderful holiday that ended in the tragic incident you probably heard about caused by a big wave, that also washed all her photos overboard. Welcome back, Lynne!
This coming week can be very busy one if you are so inclined, the weather promises to be beautiful:
Bird Watching at Cley next the Sea this Saturday 8th March, meet outside Di Stagg's house at the top of Horning Road West, Hoveton, at 9.30 am, armed with stout shoes or wellies, and your “bins” (binoculars). Di 01603 784214

3 mile Walk on Monday 10th March meeting at Ranworth staithe at 10.30 am, with the opportunity to have lunch in The Maltsters if desired. Marlene and Peter 01603 781012

Roman Exhibition at Norwich Castle Tuesday 11th March meeting at 10.30 am. The financial benefit of going as a group is minimal, so we pay the concessionary entrance of £6.
Do wander in your own if you would rather. Corrie 01603 782755

Regular Activities continue as well, with Folk Dancing at the Hub on Mondays 2 - 4 (Tony 01692 535543), and Computing Monday evenings 7 pm (John 01692 630372,
also Painting at The Hub on Wednesday afternoons at 2.30 - 4.30 pm (Bob 01603 783639) or Classical music (Brian 01603 782774) alternate weeks.

Our March General Meeting will be on Tuesday March 18th in the Hub at 2.30 pm when we will be entertained by a couple who call themselves “Memory Joggers”. Do come if you can, it sounds interesting and fun, and will be a chance to meet with other members over a cup of tea.

There will be a Committee meeting at my home on Tuesday 25th March. If anyone has anything they would like discussed do let me know.

Looking ahead, a trip to Sandringham is planned for 29 April, especially to see the Edward Seago Exhibition. The entrance of £11 also allows you to see the house and gardens.
We plan to car share, leaving at 9.30 am from the part of Roys Car Park nearest the station, passengers to pay £4 to the driver.
Put your name on the list at the general meeting, or ring me on 01603 782755. Corrie


Wroxham and District U3A December 2013 Newsletter

Wroxham and District U3A
January 2014 Newsletter

Our December General Meeting On 3rd Dec was a really enjoyable occasion, when conjuror Jim Adams foxed us all with his tricks. Then we had some quiz games which helped people to get to know each other better, and a great spread of delicious food for tea.

Now that you have your new diaries and calendars, make a note of dates that are fixed for January.

Jan 7th there will be a committee meeting at my home, Cypress House, Staitheway Road, Wroxham at 2.30 pm.

Jan 8th the Music group meets again at Brian Keane's home, Prior Thatch, Beech Road, Wroxham at 2.30 pm, and will meet every alternate Wednesday.
Jan 14th the rearranged history walk in Norwich takes place. Those who have put their name down, meet at The Forum in Norwich at 11 am. There are a few more spaces if anyone else wants to come — drop me an email :andrmestaitheway.orangehome.co.uk . Please bring £2.
Jan 15th the Painting Group starts again at the Hub at 2.30 in the small room, and will meet there every alternate Wednesday until the warmer weather.
Jan 21st (sorry, wrong date in the Dec Newsletter!) we have our monthly General Meeting at The Hub, 2.30 pm, and this month Richard Mould will tell about a career in auctioneering.
John Hardy keeps everyone informed of the Computer Group meetings on a Monday evening, and would welcome more members to help them with whatever they have difficulty with. 01692 630372.
French conversation continues to meet at Bouchon at 3 pm on Thursday afternoons to chat over a glass of wine. Jane Monks 01603 782496
The Walking group, Gardening Group and Art Appreciation will be making plans for the coming year, so watch this space. For information on DIY ring Leon Cooper-Smith on 01692 630372.
The Walking group, Gardening group and Art Appreciation will work on making a programme for the coming year, so watch this space.
For information on the DIY group ring Leon Cooper-Smith on 01692 630577.

I think we have made a good start to our U3A group. Let us hope that the coming year will be one of consolidation and expansion.
Hopefully we can find more people who can share their expertise with us, and form more groups.

New Year greetings to you all from Corrie Mould (Chairman)


Wroxham and District U3A November 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to two more new members:  Christopher and Christine Hall, both known as Chris.

General meetings every month are a good occasion to meet people over a cup of tea, apart from hering a some interesting speakers on a variety of subjects.

General Meeting 19th November  at 2.30 p.m. in Wroxham Church Hall.   (Note the different venue, just for this month).

Judith Jermy, one of our members, will be telling us about her life as a barrister. The talk is entitled: ‘’Life in Chancery’’.

General Meeting December 3rd

Make a note not to miss the  December general meeting which will be a ‘’Christmassy ‘’ afternoon on December the 3rd in The Hub, entertainment will be provided by local member of The Magic Circle, Jim Adams.

‘’Masterpieces’’ Exhibition at  the Sainsbury Centre UEA.       

The date we have settled on is Tuesday November 26th.
This special  exhibition has received much publicity in the local press. Do let Judith Jermy know if you intend to come: Telephone 01603 270235. We will meet at the Sainsbury Centre at 10.a.m.  Do share transport if you can and tell reception you are from U3A.

History Walk in Norwich.

The walk with a blue badge guide which unfortunately had to be cancelled on 8th October has been rearranged for  Tuesday 14th January 2014. 
Meeting at The Forum at 11 a.m. I will be taking names nearer the time. Hopefully all 15 people who intended to come last time will be able to make it.

I will be away for a while in November and my computer has collapsed , so if you need to know anything you can contact Vice Chairman Bob McKee, 01603 783639,
Secretary Lynne Howard, 01603 738835 or  
Publicity Manager John Hardy 01692 630372.

Corrie Mould, Chairman.

Wroxham and District U3A October 2013 Newletter

New members

Since our last meeting we have been joined by 6 new members which brings our numbers up to 40. So, welcome to Ceri and Michelle Holmes, John and Helen Nutbrown, and Philip and Carolyn Sims.

General Meting, 15th October 2.30 pm at The Hub

We hope to see you all at our next General meeting, when Robin and Ann Friend will be coming to tell us about the Museum of the Broads where they help.

It will also be another opportunity to socialise and hopefully develop our activities further.

Make a note in your diaries of the next meeting on Tues 19th November 2.30 when Judith Jermy will tell us about her work as a barrister.

That meeting will be in Wroxham Church Hall because of a double booking. On Tues 3rd Dec 2.30 in the Hub we will create a bit of a Christmas atmosphere, and Jim Adam, member of the Magic Circle will entertain us.

Norfolk Network

I went to a meeting of Norfolk U3A reps at the end of September in Dereham. We were the newest group represented, and at the other end of the scale some have grown so big they have a long waiting list . Mostly over the country U3A’s in each area have formed themselves into a network, but Norfolk does not have one, and it was thought it would be beneficial. A further meeting in November will develop it further.

I met the Chairman and Secretary of our nearest neighbours, Hickling Broad U3A, which have been going about 18 months and has 50 members. We agreed we would mutually welcome members to activities not available in our own groups, for instance they have country dancing, sailing (through the Nancy Oldfield Trust), and photography. Contact The Chairman Celia Cooper on 01692 598667.